Saturday, December 25, 2010


Somebody has been taking notes. (Although his spelling isn't as impressive as his mentor's)


Me: "O, I don't think the Captain did this, he can't write letters."
Sir O: "I can write letters!"


Me: "I don't think the Captain can reach this high."
Sir O: "I can reach!"

I think we have a verdict.


Heidi said...

When Walker was four he wrote a big "W" and "4" on his bedroom wall with a black thick Sharpie. It wasn't a hard guess to figure out who did that! Even after using Kilz over it you could always see the shape of the W since I had to use so much paint to cover it up that it changed the texture on the wall.
I promise, one day this will be a sweet memory. Give your self 14 years.

hairyshoefairy said...

I'm so sorry. Peanut is setting quite the example, I'm afraid. His letters do look good, though. My, oh, my. I'm afraid these children may kill us.

--jeff * said...

gosh i like this post....

thank you for sharing your bemusement with the strugglings of parenthood with us, em.

sir o, thank you for sharing your artistic talents with us (that you no doubt inherited from your mother)

Carolanne said...

Too funny! It doesn't take much interrogation ability to crack him. He volunteers!

The Perry family said...

he never had a chance...busted!

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