Thursday, February 03, 2011

Because I need more little men

My kids are bored.
This is nearly always true of late.  But especially with temperatures below freezing and their sick baby brother eating up all of my attention.

a sailing we will go

So Monday while Mr Renn was making dinner (bless his heart) I dug deep to see what I had access to craft-wise. (I miss my stuff!) I figured that if I help Sir O make his own toys then he will be occupied while he makes them and occupied while he plays with them and it sounded like a win-win.

So, he helped me make these tiny waldorfian men.  I figured that since we've been reading The Tomten and Under a Mushroom that he'd have something to base some imaginative play on and hopefully, hopefully be content without a screen in his face for some stretches of time.

So far they've been very short stretches of time, but I'm clinging to hope.

Wooden bases and felted wool were purchased on etsy.  Just search for Waldorf under Supplies.  I'm not a whole-hog lover of all things Waldorf - but I think parts of it are splendid.

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