Friday, February 25, 2011

outside of my comfort zone



is me getting my eyebrows overhauled by an overzealous sales associate at Sephora.
It was my first time, I made HSF join me and hold my hand.
We were being helped by a 22 year old with dark roots and about 15 braids when madame zeal trotted over and gasped, "Can I do your eyebrows?!"
Um, sure.
My eyebrows are not my favorite feature.  I'm pretty sure most of my cousins will concur.
But she gushed about them for 5 whole minutes and walked away leaving me looking like this:


Um, okay.
Then, after spending enough on makeup to get myself in trouble... I have proceeded to spend today with a bare face determinedly sanitizing until I can uncover all the mystery little boy pee smell from the bathroom.  And the boy's bedroom.  (Because, *sigh* that's how my life goes... )

Glad I could pretend for a few hours that there was some glamor in my life.
And for the record, shopping with the HSF is way too much fun.  Just ask the annoyed associates at Janie and Jack's.  We were there for over an hour enthusiastically showing each other how cute everything was.  It was cute.


hairyshoefairy said...

Still swooning in my mind over all the cuteness at Janie & Jacks. We need to go shopping again! Preferably not so close to the end of the month when my budget is shot. Hee!

The sales associates really were funny, weren't they? :D At least you got some fun goodies!

grandmamarie said...

Hello! I'm HSF's mom and I just read your post. I'm glad HSF has you to pal around with. You make a good team!
The eyebrow story made me laugh because a few years ago, HSF and I and a couple of friends went to Sephora in Berkeley. HSF was the cute and young one among us, of course. My middle-aged friend and I were completely ignored, and our younger teenagers were ignored. But this saleswoman zeroed in on HSF, wanting details about what makeup she was wearing that day. HSF said, "Oh, I'm not wearing Sephora today." The saleswoman audibly gasped and covered her mouth in horror at the shocking news! I laughed myself silly...

ness said...

I love the brows! Perfect.

PS- I left a comment on your other blog 2 days ago and it never showed up- don't know what's up with that but love your blog and it's now on my reader:)

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