Monday, February 28, 2011

making it mean something

Out weekend felt kind of short around here.  Mr Renn's Saturday was snagged by Give Kids a Smile Day and while it was certainly a worthwhile cause, Saturdays with Daddy around are oh so precious around here.  So our little men are emerging from the weekend a little more stir-crazy than usual.

In the spirit of contemplating heavy decisions and vast options, Mr Renn and I turned Saturday night into a date night at the Ogden Temple.  It's the last week that it's open before major renovations, (and the Bountiful Temple was closed for cleaning) so it seemed like the perfect time to go.

Ogden temple

We capped the night off by gorging ourselves at Sizzler and trying desperately hard to stay on-track with a productive goal-oriented conversation.  I have an uncanny gift for derailing conversations with passionate tangents.  It's a problem.  Especially with all-you-can-eat shrimp lying around.

Since Mr Renn and I are serving in the Nursery at our church, where the Captain also hangs out, we've been getting some pretty embarrassing behavior from him.  He would be the child who won't sit for 23 consecutive seconds during singing time, dumps his water and steals other kids' pretzels, and bellows a red-faced NO at any poor soul who dares try to steal the toy he's playing with.  It's lovely, really.  Also, my sister insists that peter-pan collars are only for girls.  Please tell me it's not so!

Captain in nursery

And I am such a tired lady by the end of Church.  How is it that I can't seem to manage coming home and collapsing in a heap of nap-ness?


Sunday night, while searching unsuccessfully in my parents' game-closet for Guess Who, I stumbled upon my old Spirotot.  (And a few travel-sized Spirographs).  I'm kind of enamored of them (in a frame them and hang them on the wall way), and so are my boys (in a use up an entire ream of paper way).



There's something irresistible about preschoolers and art.  I am trying (trying trying) to enjoy it and not mind the veritable sea of sketches, and to not mind too much the daily misbehavior that always ends in drawing on something besides paper.  You should see this boy's face light up when he shows me what he drew.  Good mom moments.

sir o + family portrait


Brittany said...

Wow, the Captain's eyes are stunning in that picture! I've been having the same struggle with my lil guy who is in nursery. Every week when I go to pick them up, the nursery leader proceeds to tell me every little thing that he did wrong that day. It's quite discouraging. He is still learning how to share, and believe me, I am well aware of that. Thank you Sister. Sheesh! But I think it would be even harder being a nursery leader. I"m pretty sure both of my kids would misbehave like crazy if I was in there too. Just know that you're not alone. I hope going to the temple helped you, and that you will soon have a game plan for the future!

Deena said...

I loved my spirograph. I could never decide when I was supposed to stop going around and around.

--jeff * said...

i so dearly love passionate tangents.
i think they're every bit as important as goal-oriented conversations, and possibly moreso.

hairyshoefairy said...

My in-laws have some spirograph stuff in their drawing box. That, along with Fashion Plates, is the favorite toy at their house. They're always amazingly cool.

I hope you made some progress on the goal-oriented conversations front. I get distracted and go off on tangents during those kinds of conversations, too.

aLi said...

My boy could care less to draw. I think it's AWESOME to have a boy who loves to draw. Conrad would rather scribble and throw the crayons.
I miss spirographs, forgot all about them!
I was always super-exhausted after church when I served in nursery. Serving in nursery is similar to treading water for 2 hours. Don't you think?

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