Tuesday, February 22, 2011

sweet 16

I took my little sister out for an early birthday present over the long weekend.  Despite being a dedicated pointe dancer, she had never been to a full-length professional ballet.  I couldn't think of a more enjoyable gift to give, so off we went to the Saturday matinĂ©e of Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty.

I think the best part for her was seeing giant posters in the lobby of the two married principle dancers that she met when performing in The Nutcracker last November.  Aparently they are "the cutest thing ever."  I love how teenagers talk in a permanent state of hyperbole.

Ballet Birthday_01

I'm pretty pleased with how my baby sister is shaping up headed into adolescence.  She's very much a teenager, but she's kind and thoughtful, and responsible. And the girl knows how to work hard when she wants something.  We are 3 days shy of 13 years apart.  We were thiiiiiis close to sharing a birthday.  And she's about old enough to drive and date and such - I feel old.  

Ballet Birthday_01

After the show (which truth be told, hadn't that much plot to it, but you don't go for the plot, do you?)  We grabbed drive-through ice cream and talked on the way home.  I think sisters are pretty awesome, and I hope my boys get one someday.  

Ballet Birthday_01


Brittany said...

Oh I bet she was in Heaven! I would like to see her dance someday. We were tempted to get tickets to that for valentine's day, but our pocket book just wouldn't allow us to splurge. I'm glad you had a nice evening out. You are a good sister.

hairyshoefairy said...

What a fantastic gift for her! Sisters really are something special.

Carolanne said...

Ahhh, culture. It was fun to see your pictures and remember what it feels like to be in a professional theater. It's been way to long. I have some sisters (they are triplets, hence the plural) that are turning 16 this year as well and it amazes me how they could be so grown up and I could be even more grown up. Life happens fast. What a fun gift though! You are a great sister.

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