Thursday, April 21, 2011

forging through

In our corner we're having one of those weeks where mom is lucky if she manages to check a single item off her list by the end of the day.  And since today was already a near-total loss, and I had to wake all my boys up from naps in order to drop my little sister off at a rehearsal, I sort of decided that we ought to go hang out at Arctic Circle and have ice cream cones in the middle of the afternoon.

arctic circle

We had the place to ourselves, and we averted disaster until toward the end when the boys decided to eat their ice cream cones before they were actually finished with their ice cream.

arctic circle

Bedhead, anyone?

arctic circle

arctic circle

Not bad for under $1.50
The entertainment alone was worth twice that.

arctic circle


hairyshoefairy said...

I considered doing that today and, in retrospect, I really should have. We'd probably all have had a happier afternoon. I love the sweet faces and bed head.

Ashley said...

LOVE that last pic. Darling.

Stina said...

Graham looks like he LOVES the camera :) Glad you had fun! And cheap too!

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