Friday, April 22, 2011

young people and old people

Today is my mom's birthday.
And Sir O has inherited my celebratory gene.

I smell trouble

So he spent much of this morning drawing pictures of birthday cakes and presents for her.
Which inevitably led to a desire to bake her a birthday cake.
So I let him try his hand at a boxed cake mix. (A little lumpy, but passable)
And I let him spread the frosting. (A little lumpy, but passable)

grandma's birthday cake

Then when I went to write "happy birthday" on the top, he protested.  So instead he dictated what ought to go on top.  We found ourselves with a tricycle, push scooter, skateboard scooter, motorcycle, and car.


Oh yeah, happy birthday Grandma.  This is surely the birthday cake of your dreams.


Good thing there were other presents up our sleeves.

grandma's birthday cake

I hope nobody expects to unwrap their own presents around here.  It just doesn't happen.


--jeff * said...

i think grandmothers appreciate cakes decorated by little boys more than fancy intricate store-bought cakes.

well done, em. : )

The Blandon's said...

I bet that was the best birthday cake a grandma could ask for!
Great pictures!

hairyshoefairy said...

Dream cake or not it's still cake and that's still awesome in my book! Nobody gets to unwrap their own stuff at our house either.

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