Saturday, July 16, 2011

I've got plenty of.....

I am staying far busier than I'm comfortable with.  While we're close, I can't begin to say we're settled in.  There are very few boxes left to unpack.  However, the contents of several dozen "unpacked" boxes are swimming around looking for a place to call home.  It's got the very small part of me that qualifies as a neat freak twitching.  But I can no longer devote majority chunks of my days to settling in.  My short boys will go about living and making messes whether I supervise them properly or not.   And when I don't supervise them properly, things get a bit wild.  Just ask the yogurt that got smeared all over the kitchen floor this morning.

We've gone on picnicking 2 or 3 times a day, because we can and because I don't have to sweep and mop the grass afterwards.

picnic dinner

Sir O and his new fanclub of neighborhood kids have managed to cut short the growing season for carrots, the only non-perennial thing the owner of the house had planted for us. But they do go on to eat the carrots (usually), so it's hard to get too upset. (Carrots are a healthy snack, folks)

carrot thief

Our gentleman's cheeks and jowls are rounding out into a perfectly kissable pudge-face. Good heavens he's sweet.  He's also still "spitting up" at 9 months.  Which pretty much means mini real-life vomit.  10+ times daily.  Help.

picnic dinner



And Sir O helped me bake his birthday cake today. Because I thought he should have a birthday cake on his birthday, even if he's not getting a proper party until I can get my act together (how long after a birthday is it appropriate to throw a party anyway?) Plus I had to keep him out of trouble during our Captain's nap today. (See yogurt, above.)

sir O baking his own birthday cake

sir O baking his own birthday cake

(And my middle child isn't less-loved, I promise.  Just less photographed lately.  He's the one who sneaks off and silently makes expensive messes instead of cooperating when the camera is out.)

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