Wednesday, August 31, 2011

how should you pronounce "armoire" anyway?

In keeping with the general state of chaos and amateurism around here, I have been trying to furnish our entire house with screaming deals from craigslist and ksl classified ads. All done while being as picky as possible, a process that's either fun or masochistic - I'm never quite certain which it is.

After 2 months of having our tiny TV live on our old kitchen table, I knew that I wanted to find it a permanent home where I don't have to look at the dang thing all the time. So I decided to search for a TV armoire with pocket doors. Most of what I found that looked like it wasn't going to fall apart if you touched it was in the $300 range. And that, my friends, is too much for us for now. So I searched and searched until the day I found this beast:


She had a bad faux finish, but she was huge and heavy duty and only $50. Poor Mr Renn had a devil of a time getting her transported, but he conceded that she was a great find. With some primer and paint and polyeurethane, she now looks a bit less like she was attacked with a dirty sponge. Eventually our family room may look like purposeful people live there. Only 6 boxes left to unpack, one wooden file cabinet to repair and refinish, and a sofa to reupholster. Anyone want to take bets on whether we finish before we move out?


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