Friday, September 02, 2011

like a thief in the night

Some dental school friends made the briefest of appearances in Utah last week, and invited any and all of us to join them at a park/splashpad for some reminiscing and catching up.

dental picnic

It made me all nostalgic and weepy.  On the inside.  On the outside I was just trying like mad to keep tabs on all my crazy children.  But watching other people's children grow up is so distinctly different from watching your own.  Mostly because when you only see them here and there it seems like they are barreling toward adulthood at breakneck speed.  And it makes you feel old in a jiffy.  And you're stomach gets caught in your throat as you realize for the millionth time how powerless you are in the face of time passing. All these babies I knew in their first days are busy walking around being full-blown people.


dental picnic

Powerless, in a good way.  Sort of.  As good a way as weepy nostalgic powerlessness comes.

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