Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slow Learner

On Wednesday I went to see the dentist.  Luckily I love my dentist.  And luckily my kids are welcome to run amok at the dentist's office.  But, back to my mouth, it was not an overly happy visit.  The last two pregnancies have been rough on my mouth and I was in for my first real cavities since I was 5.  AND, it was time for my one and only wisdom tooth to come out. It obnoxiously decided to break through my gums when I was pregnant with the Captain.  Since it surfaced, Mr Renn has made a big deal about what a cute little tooth it is, because it is tiny; apparently he has never seen a tooth like it before

After getting two fillings and a tooth extracted, I felt lousy.  (And one should not open pandora's boxes when they feel lousy, it makes them feel lousier).

But while I was feeling lousy, I spent a lot of time lying around and reading.  Because I finally secured a copy of my friend Heather's novel, Entwined.  I went to high school with this lady and I can't think of anyone I've known in real life who was more magical in person.  She had a positive energy and an ability to spot delightfulness that I could only envy.  I haven't caught up with her in years, but was beyond thrilled to see she'd published such an indulgent fairy tale. (So fun to read!) You can't help but be happy to see people like her have successes.

However, whenever I read novels, I turn into a reading bulldozer.  I plow right through them and completely ignore real life.  My house falls apart, I read instead of sleeping.  It's bad.  It always takes 3 or 4 days for the whole household to recover.  And even longer for me to stop feeling guilty for the havoc I've wreaked by indulging in a good read.  Any tips on balancing this better?

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