Wednesday, September 14, 2011

finished unfinished

Due to the part where I had a wedding to service only 2 days after moving in, the room/unfinished area that serves as my craft room/studio kind of got steamrolled into a manic disaster.  Boxes and "stuff" shoved everywhere.  It was bad. And since it's an area where I can close the door and play "out of sight, out of mind" it was taking me a while to do anything about it.

craft room - before

But then, enter the magic shelves. They are magical because they were free. Free is pretty prodigious. I saw them all lined up on the front porch of a house near my parents' that I knew was scheduled for demolition. (Which is sad, it was a darling old house.) I called and pestered until the busy people who owned the shelves finally got back with us and said they were happy to find a home for the shelves (and anything else salvageable from the house before it came down). So the shelves lived in my parent's yard for a while until we were able to get them back to our house.

 magic shelves

And now, other than a bit more sorting of individual bins and boxes and piles, this unfinished area is as finished as it's getting under our watch. For the first time EVER I have all of my crafting/sewing/floral/wrapping supplies at my fingertips. It's an awfully empowering sensation. And it's a relief to know that my floral container collection isn't quite as out of control as I'd feared.  The paintings in this room were all done my Mr Renn as a boy. I hope to move them to more visible spots around the house if I can make them work in any of our spaces.

craft room - after

craft room - after

craft room - after

craft room after

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