Friday, September 16, 2011

everybody needs one

It has been an interesting phenomenon; for the first time ever Sir O has a legitimate best friend.

the best friend ever

It's a tale of utter serendipity, and it makes me all smiley inside and out.  This little man belongs to some dear friends of mine that I met in college, who happen to live right across the street.  I didn't know this until the day we moved in, and it felt like God was giving me a gentle pat and assuring me that He's very much participating in this crazy little life of mine.  These delightful people have been the best neighbors of all time.  We adore them, and our kids adore their kids.  But most of all, Sir O adores his best friend, or at least he adores having a best friend.  It's as though he needs his daily ration of time with him or he starts to suffocate.  And both he and the Captain fight over who gets to "be" or play with or talk about this Mr Sunshine.  Pretty much all day long.

the best friend ever

This is a problem I'm happy to have.  Bring on the problems that come with having lovely friends!  I'll take them, I'll take them!

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