Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Progress Report

Mr Renn has been steadily working on restoring the antique table and chairs we inherited from his grandparents.  They only had 4 chairs to give us, so I hunted for more, and we stumbled upon an almost identical set up in Logan.  Okay, maybe not identical, but very similar and just as old, therefore nearly as awesome.


The chairs are slow going, mostly because buying new leather for them is going to cost so much, but  Mr Renn has nearly declared the table complete.  We had to essentially build the apron on the leaves (leafs?) only one of which was a surviving original to the table.  But it's a neat piece of history to have in our house, as we know of at least 2 progenitors who were born on that table.  I know; gross but somehow also really cool.

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