Friday, October 14, 2011

The manic matinee

I find myself alone with the boys a lot lately, for good reasons.  But we all get a little stir-crazy after too much of mom and three boys in the house.  So I have to be constantly coming up with alternatives for the boys to their default activity of embodying entropy and scattering objects around the house in nonsensical frenzies.  Yesterday we found these paper bag puppet kits in the bottom of the halloween box and I let Sir O construct them all by himself.  (There wasn't a great deal of assembly involved.)  Then, around bedtime I let them record a puppet show for their dad.  As a puppet show, it's an abysmal failure.  But as an entertaining slice of life, it delivers in unexpected ways.  These boys, with their insanity and energy, make up my days.  They wear me out.  In the best  possible way a person can be worn out.

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