Thursday, December 01, 2011

10 foot wonder

Mr Renn arranged for a tree to be brought down for us from his Grandparent's home in Flaming Gorge.  We made absolutely no specifications about the tree and had faith that they'd pick out a good one.  We were a little surprised when our tree arrived and was so tall it barely fits in the tallest part of our vaulted ceiling!


While our little ornament collection looks rather sparse spread out over so much tree, and we had to double our twinkle light collection just to light her up, there's something really fun about having such an imposing tree in the front room.  If I'd known I'd like it so much I'd have done it on purpose!


And the kid's have gone to town with our little ikea faker tree downstairs.  It gets rearranged two or three times daily.  Chaos, through and through. But they seem to be getting excited about Christmastime as much as for Christmas Day.  And that's rather important to me.


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