Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to survive Christmas

Our poor Captain had a rough Christmas morning.  We're in an in-between stage for Christmas.  Sir O is old enough to be excited and wake up before the crack of dawn and remain delightful.  The Captain, poor guy, is not quite there.  We made Sir O hang out in our bedroom with us for an hour before we finally conceded to waking the Captain.  And he would not be awakened.  And then he cried and sobbed and flopped.  It took him a good long while to wake up enough to notice the magic.  Luckily it takes more than that to disappoint us and we found it borderline hilarious.



Christmas shaped up nicely from there on out though.  Lots of genuinely surprised people.






20111225-IMG_9588 (yes, my intensely surprised and happy face does look a little like an angry crazy person face. I am aware)

We only got a little ways into gifts in the morning before we had to pause and force our super-cooperative kids to get ready and go to church.  That was actually not as bad as I'd feared, and our Captain was much happier when we dove in again.


Then we made our Gentleman and Captain take some substantial naps before we headed into the family party portion of our day.  In the meantime certain other boys managed to remain occupied.


After that deep breath, we attended the family party at my grandma's house, got to skype with my brother on his mission in Australia, and did a gift exchange with my siblings at my parent's house.

It was such a long, overfull, joyous day that we have needed 3 full days to recover from it.  We are finally feeling human again.  And rather sick, all told.  But I'm pleased with the experience my kids had.  And THIS was the year that Oliver could tell you what Christmas is really all about.  Thank you Charlie Brown.

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