Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The best coloring book ever

Have you ever seen one of Taro Gomi's coloring books?  I bought the Scribbles one for Sir O for Christmas and it is quickly proving to be one of my favorite things.  Each page has the beginning of a picture and a prompt, and practically insists that the color-er take the assignment seriously and create something awesome.


Even more importantly, it keeps Sir O quiet and engaged for really luxurious stretches of time.  As long as I'm handy to read the prompts to him, we're golden.  It doesn't hurt that the whole thing is well designed and almost 2 inches thick.  If you know a kid who's even remotely into coloring, drawing, and creating, then these are a perfect, perfect gift.  Which is precisely why there may be a few more appearing in our Easter Baskets this year.

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