Monday, January 30, 2012

party planning must be in the genes

Sir O got it in his head to throw a birthday party last night.  And he does not do things halfway.  So after church he dug into my craftroom and unearthed the "party box".  Banners and balloons and crepe paper later, he had planned an entire party, start to finish, all my himself.  And you know what, we had a great time!  He may have a future in this!

unbirthday party - decorations

First we sang to the birthday kids (puppies) and Sir O gave them "cupcakes" and the gifts he had wrapped for them (cars).

unbirthday party - presents

Then we played Sir O's game of pin the candles on the cake.  Sir O was a huge cheat, but I was still proud of him for creating the game all by himself.

unbirthday party - pin the candle on the cake

Mr Renn favored us with some baked Pink Lady Apples, a perfect January dessert.

unbirthday party - baked apples

Then the boys wrapped up the "party" by created yet another ornate city/railroad track/zoo.  They get fancier all the time.

unbirthday party - building tracks

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