Wednesday, February 22, 2012

all the live-long day

Lest I forget (because I will) here's a snapshot of my boys this very moment.


Sir O is quite convinced that he's an adult.  This means imitating all of his parents' behavior, both good and bad.  The problem here, naturally is that he's not an adult, and that his parents are quite human.  So a good portion of this behavior is inappropriate for at least one of those two reasons.  He lost his first tooth late last Saturday night, rendering me quite helpless in the wake of his growing up.  He's curious and stubborn; and approaches the world cautiously because he likes things dealt on his terms.  He is a ferocious cheater, but breaks into genuine heartbreak and tears when a friend calls him on it.  The concept of "fair" is elusive for him, except when dealing with our gentleman.  For the gentleman, Sir O would walk across hot coals.


The Captain is putting his shoulder to the wheel with his speech.  He determinedly tags on the consonants at the end of words, even though it is with delayed and visible effort.  He is learning how to get around Sir O, and seems to have resigned a certain part of himself to having to communicate with shrieks and grunts rather than with words when his temper flares.  It can be less than enduring, but it makes the contrast with his more communicative moments all the more poignant.  He is currently fighting potty training with all the willpower his little soul possesses.


Our gentleman is just pure sunshine right now.  We all need him around desperately.  He's begun clasping his hands and trying to say mealtime prayers in baby babbles.  He says "cheese" for the camera ("eeeee") and waves goodbye.  He still finds the entire world to be hilarious and is learning how to hold his own against the Captain when there is conflict of interest.    When parenting is otherwise overwhelming me, he is always there to make me love it again.

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Ashley said...

What handsome charming boys you have Em.

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