Friday, March 30, 2012

BIG Three-0 by Mr Renn

It's very uncharacteristic of me to actually speak and contribute to this wonderful little blog that journals the adventures of the five of us, tells of the triumphs, as well as challenges of life with children, and is a great creative outlet for Em.
So on the eve of her 30th year on earth I wanted to post a little tribute to her.
I can speak for probably all of the readers and followers of this blog that Em has incredible talent as a writer, a photographer, a mother, and a wife. We are all so grateful to know you, and I especially am the luckiest to share everyday, every funny comment given by our kids, every trial and discouragement, and every happy moment.
So you might be wondering what that picture has to do with anything. Well one of my ancestors was a Cartographer that mapped Australia. And many of the natural landmarks, streets, and even a University have the name Flinders. That picture is Mount Em of the Flinders Range in South Australia.
Here's to having a Mountain named with your same name!
As you can tell I am not a very practiced writer.
But if you have any words, I think she would love to hear from you on her special day.
Happy Birthday Em! We love you!

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