Monday, April 02, 2012

My Old Lady Party

I threw myself a 30th birthday party last friday, as it seemed the surest route to satisfy everyone that wanted my milestone celebrated, without subjecting myself to anyone elses' idea of a great way to humiliate me.  I respected the dirge-black that I was sure my dear family would have smattered everywhere, but I threw in white and gold too, to cheer it up a bit.  So many more people showed up than I was expecting, it was lovely to feel so celebrated.


I made Rose's Chocolate Tweed Angel Food Cake and some funfetti cake balls, and decked out a little dessert buffet.


I also got really friendly with the people at my local party store.  I spent most of the day filling these oversized 17" balloons (that actually inflated to about 25") with helium and making sparkley little tails for them.  The ribbon tails I had planned turned out to be too heavy, so I improvised a lot.  I also cursed whomever spackled my ceiling.  I lost dozens of balloons to sharp ceiling spots.  And when balloons full of hi-float pop before the hi-float dries, it makes a sticky mess.

But it was devilishly fun to see all the kids get excited over the giant balloons and then to send them home with one.  Best part of my party hands-down.   Thanks again to everyone who stopped by!

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