Tuesday, May 29, 2012

summer boredom blues

It hit today.  My kids were overwhelmed with summer boredom and I was unprepared.  We made a list last week of "things that are more fun than watching a show on mom's computer." But, inevitably every item on the list meant work and preparation for mom.  I have got to find a way around that.


So even though I had things I needed (no, really needed) to get done today, they got pushed to the side while I perused the city website for summer activities.  I didn't find much, other than Art City Days all next week, that'll give us a few days of fun.  But I did find that as part of Art City Days there is a children's art competition, so I took that and ran with it.


I pulled two small canvases from my stash and set Sir O and the Captain to painting during the Gentleman's nap.  It was wild and brave of me, and consumed more energy than I actually had to spend, but we definitely have something to show for it.  I'll go submit the boys' paintings once they're dry tomorrow.  Wish them luck.


(The Captain's painting is acrylic over spray-painted canvas.  Sir O's is oil over spray painted paper mache over canvas. Yup, all kinds of clean-up there)

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