Friday, June 08, 2012

Chin up

Earlier this week Mr Renn came home early (a.k.a. "on time"/"not late") and declared it a perfect evening for a family outing.  He's been wanting to take us all on the BYU tree tour ever since his Master Gardener class did it.  I was a little worried about their attention spans, but as it turned out being outside + being with Dad is a failsafe combination.  Plus we bribed the kids with ice cream at the Creamery afterward, and that is a great motivator.





In case you are interested, some of Mr Renn's favorite trees from the walk (I'm sure I'm missing some that will have to be added later):

Weeping European Beech
European Larch
Blue Atlas Cedar
Hedge Maple
Incense Cedar
Green Atlas Cedar

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