Monday, July 30, 2012


I keep meaning to pop in here to relieve the worry of those who miss me.  We are all alive and kicking. One baby who may be a girl is getting especially proficient at the kicking part.  As I've slowly regained some energy from what has been an incredible knock-out of a first-half-of-a-pregnancy I've been spending all of said energy on trying to restore my home and family to a semblance of order.  There's been lots of fall-out from mom spending so much time lying on the couch.  So many bad habits to replace.  Not the least of which is my kids thinking the computer belongs to them.

But in the interim which is Summer, Mr Renn has taken to building things - I introduced him to and life will never be the same.  A patio day-bed, a laundry tower, and then a playhouse for the kids.  He continues to be an anomaly of productivity.

Play House

Sir O and the Captain have spent the summer in swimming lessons and gymnastics classes.  I had hoped that such a thing could be a substitute for the physical therapy our Captain needs but just barely doesn't qualify for.  I can't say it's been effective that way, but he's sure had fun.  And his speech has improved exponentially this summer.  We can actually understand him most of the time - it's a phenomenal thing.  He speaks ever so slowly, but the words are clearly words.

With all that lying around and not being able to use my computer, I've done more reading than usual.  Still no recreational reading - that might send my parenting level plummeting off the edge, but some very insightful reading for the mother in me who wants to improve.  The Gift of Giving Life I'm almost through with.  I devoured the first half and have struggled to finish.  I also read Large Family Logistics, mostly in hopes of tips for getting more done in less time.  But that book (very nicely and effectively) called me to repentance in my whole parenting paradigm.  It was much more effective in helping me analyze the why's of my parenting than the how's.  I'm working hard to put it into practice, bits and pieces at a time.

(Blogger at the second half of my post, and I'm too foggy-brained to re-compose it.)
But I thought you'd like my half-of-an-update, just the same.

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