Thursday, August 30, 2012

And school happened

IMG_1849Sept2012demilleschool starts

Well friends, here comes the end of Sir O's first week of Kindergarten.  He is in the Spanish immersion program, and I thank my lucky stars he hasn't complained about it once.  He seems to have acclimated better than I had feared he might.  He doesn't actually tell me much about what goes on at school though, (and I DO prod him and ask open-ended questions.) so I'm adjusting my brain to having a giant question mark for how his hours at school are spent.  But the change with school starting has lit a fire under him and I can get him to do (some) chores and his homework with relatively little power-struggle-age.   It's a good start, I think.

IMG_1854Sept2012demilleschool starts

In the meanwhile, our Captain beams from ear to ear at the reminder that he gets to go to his own preschool now.  He's in such a darling stage right now, it's hard not to eat him up.  (You know, except when he gets whiney.  Then I want to lock him in a padded sound-proof room.)

IMG_1834Sept2012demilleschool starts

And so far the gentleman and I have had one day when the worlds of kindergarten and preschool overlap and it's just us for 2 whole hours.  I was too exhausted on that day to make productive use of the sensation, but the peaceful feeling of dozing and wasting my opportunity with so very little to worry about was still lovely.  I feel guilty for not being somehow emotional about it, but with Sir O having been held back a year, and me being so gestationally impaired, there's just not time for me to start waxing emotional before he's home again.  We'll see how the year evolves.  (Especially with that newborn coming in 2 months, yikes I'm going to have a full plate.)

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