Monday, September 03, 2012

Our gentleman's state

IMG_1843Sept2012demilleschool starts

 This little man is so easy to mother.  He just goes with the flow, even when the flow is kind of crazy.  He's thrilled to be included in just about anything, and he's so pleasant about it that his brothers are usually happy to oblige.  You know, some people are just easy to love.  It doesn't mean they need or deserve your love more; it just means you don't have to remind yourself that they need or deserve your love the way you sometimes have to with more obstinate personalities.  It's sometimes a nice break.

  IMG_1847Sept2012demilleschool starts

Although - with him - that break is coming with another dose of speech therapy.  All signs point to him having a less severe speech delay than his brother, but it's a real one nonetheless.  And so I'm doing my best to acclimate him to that realm before life explodes for him come November with that baby he can't quite wrap his brain around yet.


Kaydee said...

Emily. What a cute guy. You are such a beauty. Especially Pregnant. You are due right with my sisterr

K-Krew said...

He is adorable! I remember taking Lucy to speech twice a week when I was pregnant with James and then for many months after he was born. It was hard and tiring but definitely worth the results. We'll be starting down the speech therapy path with James too.

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