Monday, August 20, 2012


So yeah - July.  Let's pretend it happened.

Shortly after Sir O turned 6, (and was a good sport about the lack of fancy celebration that his puke-faced mother couldn't muster) ......

O Bday

We braved a bona fide family vacation.  I'm not sure if we've ever taken one before.  I don't think we've ever traveled anywhere as a family without the intent of visiting someone.  This was just a vacation to get away, and judging by the way the Captain was proclaiming he "liked our new home (the hotel room) better than our old home" I think it was a success.


We weren't actually that ambitious, but you don't have to be too terribly ambitious to wear out the lady who's 6 months pregnant and has spent much of the past few months laying on the couch.


Especially in the desert in July.  It was, ahem, uncomfortable for even un-pregnant people.


But I attempted to be a good sport.  I waddled along behind everyone, sometimes holding our gentleman's hand (if I could keep up with him.)


To be sure, the views are impressive.  People come to Arches National Park from all over the world for a reason.



When we asked the kids what their favorite part of the vacation was, they inevitable went back to this sand hill sandwiched between ribbons of rock from their last hike.  (Devil's Garden).  It was about 40 degrees cooler in the shade, so they played there a good long while.


On the way home we stopped at Dead Horse Point, where Mr Renn had always wanted to go.  The views are spectacular, as are the drop-offs.  I was a nervous wreck the whole time, because my kids are always SO obedient.  I was sure one of them would plummet to their deaths if I blinked.  (So, um, I guess I'm not the fun mom.....)


Thankfully we all made it home intact.  And the Captain cried himself to sleep a night or two over wanting to go back and live at the hotel.  Granted, hanging out as a family every night watching the Olympics and swimming in the hotel pool was pretty great.  But the pregnant lady was happy to see her own bed again.



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