Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The most popular color show around

Sunday afternoon, after not having our regularly scheduled church meetings, we had some stir crazy kids on our hands.  And so in an effort to get out and do something appropriate for the Sabbath, we joined what must have been half the population of Utah County in driving the Alpine Loop.  It was a little odd to be dealing with stop-and-go 2 direction traffic on a puny mountain road only wide enough for 1 vehicle, but the view and the fall colors were so, so perfect.  It was like if you blinked you were going to miss it.  And a nature show like this waits for no one.

IMG_2068Sept2012demillecrew and alpine loop

IMG_2082Sept2012demillecrew and alpine loop

IMG_2092Sept2012demillecrew and alpine loop

IMG_2103Sept2012demillecrew and alpine loop

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