Friday, January 11, 2013

9 years

Got this Genevieve Santos print for Mr Renn. It looks just like us. Happy 9 year anniversary to us!

Just after the New Year began, Mr Renn and I celebrated our 9th anniversary.  We're part of a large population of people with unfortunate anniversaries that were based on University Winter breaks.  It is tragically hard to properly celebrate an anniversary wedged between Christmas, New Years, and the Captain's birthday.  But we always try.  This year we wrangled up an oversized babysitting team and had a nice date.

Duck confit

A temple outing followed by the fanciest dinner we've had since our last anniversary. (At the Chef's Table in Orem.)   And as we reflected on the last year of marriage?  Well let's just say we're both glad I'm not pregnant anymore.

Anniversary dinner

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