Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Saddle Up

It's the afternoon of New Year's Day.  I'm finally dressed and roughly "ready for the day".  Mr Renn has handled the house and the kids deftly enough that I am in a position to give myself permission to write for a spell.  Permission from myself is usually what I'm lacking.  I have a disparaging backlog of undocumented life that I need to hammer out.  The temptation is to create one giant list-type post that will get it all over with, but nobody actually invests in such things, and it wouldn't do my experiences justice anyway.

The kids are outside playing in the snow.  We've had a steady stream of snow for the past 2 weeks.  At least 2 new inches every day.  It made for a lovely white Christmas, a treacherous drive home from my parent's house the day after Christmas, and a bunch of lovely snow-play with Dad for my boys.  There is a venerable sledding racetrack in my back yard.   And a sledding hill built out of snow.  It's glorious.


Our Bunny is chunking into a delicious triple chinned wonder.  She's more squishable every day, and it's fun to see each of her brothers delight in her.  Mr Renn is warming up too, his parental bonding officially begins when they can smile at him in earnest and wrap him around their little fingers.

Her baby blessing is on the calendar and a fair amount of panicky spring cleaning has begun in preparation.  I unearthed my own baby blessing gown at my parents' house and am getting giddy thinking about officially passing it on to Bunny.

There are lots of little things to keep my spirits up, even though the sun is so low in the sky that migraine season is in full bloom.  There are seeds and starts to be ordered, a stack of new cookbooks to explore,  my non-maternity wardrobe to gradually fit into, and a small store of baby girl clothing that out Bunny will slowly fit into.  Girl clothes bring me ridiculous bliss.

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