Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The gentleman sheep

I'm buckling down and remembering November and December, belated as it is.  Someday my children will thank me for this effort, maybe.

Less than a week in advance, our family was asked to be the majority of the Nativity Christmas Pageant for our church Christmas party.  And to find our own costumes.  The costume wrangling was the hard part, but I did manage to procure this sheep costume for our Gentleman, and he stole the show in it.  He pranced across the stage throughout the whole production and caused a fair lot of genuine belly laughs. (Especially when he body-slammed Sir O the shepherd).  The photos taken there didn't turn out, so we had to re-enact it again with my cousin and her husband, just so I could get a photo of this.  All of my children are little turkeys, but this one is also a ham.


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