Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blessing Baby Bunny


Back in January we had a lovely blessing for Baby Bunny.  We scrubbed and scoured the house, and I unearthed my own blessing gown that my mother made 30 years ago.  (It's gorgeous, but oh, so slippery) All kinds of lovely friends and relations make the snowy trek to join us and Mr Renn gave her a splendid blessing.  All of which was followed up by good food.


That's what I call a perfect day.  And my mother finally got all of her grandkids in one photo.  (Not all smiling, that's a tall order).


It was our first time blessing one of our kids entirely on our own turf.  Everyone else has necessarily been done at my parent's house or church.   I'm beginning to feel like a bona fide adult.


Ginormous thanks to my cousin Sam for the photos!

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