Monday, February 25, 2013

A big fat random crap post

Or - lots of things I'd like to write a full post about, but have conceded I never will.....

* Postpartum hair loss has begun in earnest.  You are grateful you don't share a bathroom with me.  Fare thee well, remotely respectable hairline.  I'm going to hunker down and try to survive this time without chopping all of my hair off, but I may have to break down and get bangs in a few months, just to hide the part where the front 2 inches of my hairline will fall out and then grow back in all at once.  Ugh.

Portrait of crazy people

* Our Gentleman has been growing up like crazy.  He just seems like such a little full-blown person lately.  He's always been the most expressive of my kids, facially.  The child has a million distinct unmistakable facial expressions, and he knows how to use them. Now, when he uses them alongside a limited vocabulary of intelligible words, it's pretty hard to mistake his meaning.

*The Captain and the Gentleman are antagonizing each other more than I care to admit.  I hate the referee part of parenting.

*Each of the boys love to dote on baby Bunny, but the Captain has an especially endearing way of doing it.  He just plops himself in front of her and talks to her like she's his best friend.  He shows her things and tells her all about them.  He gets so chatty, and sings little songs.  And she eats it up, and hours go by.  I could watch them all day.

*I would give my left kidney for a self-cleaning bathroom.

*I've been trying to tackle high-visual-impact projects around the house lately.  It feels awesome to check one of those off the list, even when the results don't perfectly align with my fantastic imaginations of their sparkly wonderfulness.

* I've committed to an embarrassingly overdue sight redesign.  I started one a year ago, and then I got so sick and depressed with that pregnancy of fire that I dropped it.  I'm finally picking myself up, dusting myself off, and starting all over again.  BUT WILL I FINISH?  Hope so.

*Also planning to finally move from Blogger to Wordpress.  I'm scared silly.  It's bound to involve some bumps in the road.

*After purging all the cookbooks I haven't used since we moved here, I counted my collection.  94 cookbooks in my kitchen.  And I know there are at least 3 currently loaned out.  Plus 4 binders full of printed out recipes.  Is there a support group for this?

* The day before Valentines I scored some free furniture.  Two side tables, a giant lamp, a card table with chairs, and a train table.  Do we have room for a train table?  Not really.  But so far Mr Renn hasn't complained about that.

*Sir O can read to his brothers.  He can handle at least all of the board books on his own.  This occasionally makes a world of wonderful difference at bedtime, plus it promotes overall brotherliness.

*Seeds are ordered and our garden is planned, but my plan for making Mr Renn handle the sowing schedule this year is not working out so well.  We may be direct sowing everything this year.

* I didn't handle the Downton season finale very well.  I've never watched a daytime soap-opera, and so I'm not able to handle the off-handed discarding of characters I've been led to invest in.  Not a punch I can roll with.  I'm still reeling a week later, and I even knew before I started watching the series that the certain actors were not returning for another season.  But the way it was executed; massacred a week of sleep for me.  I'm too sensitive or vulnerable or something.  Or were they just too blasé with their treatment of audience sensitivity and vulnerability?  Either way something is amiss and I'm having to endure a real grieving process over fictional characters.  Ridiculous.  And it's not like I could admit to the gentleman's speech teacher or the other adults I had to deal with the next day that the reason I was so irritable and absent minded was because a fictional character had been murdered by a writer and an actor.  The only way I'm going to get over it is to get distracted by another (happier) story - suggestions?

*I'm ready to buy a blowtorch just to melt all the snow in my front yard.  I haven't seen the dead grass under there since before Christmas.   It's nasty crunchy icy dirty grossness.  I want it gone.

*Sir O has gotten into the habit of writing birthday gift wish lists and leaving them on my pillow.  Is there anything he doesn't want?

*Is there a good time for the radiator in one's vehicle to go out?  Because even though ours apparently chose a "good time" (Winter) to die, it still seemed like pretty crappy timing.

*I've been experimenting with at-home gel manicures since Christmas.  I can finally get them to last 3 days.  Still not worth it.  I'm supposed to get 2 weeks out of these.  I just want to look polished and put together on the cheap.  IS THAT ASKING TOO MUCH?!   I'll keep working on them.

* So far I hate elementary school homework.  And I have how many years of this ahead of me?  Yikes.

*Trader Joe's has the cheapest freeze-dried fruit. I use it to make my own instant oatmeal packets.  Also - their sparkling blueberry drink was AWESOME.  I may have to find a way to justify the 2 hour round trip again soon.

*Mr Renn and I are attending a weeknight marriage and relationship class at our church.  After the first class I emailed the poor instructor a barrel-ful of links to read.  Unfortunately I think I overwhelmed him so much he didn't read any of them.  Further downsides to being me and being mildly obsessed with the science of interpersonal relations.

*I'm going to look into going back to school part-time.  Just as soon as I can find someone to zoo-keep for me long enough to go meet with an advisor.  Have I mentioned how much I hate finding sitters?  I WOULD RATHER EAT WORMS.  If only eating worms could accomplish something.

* We borrowed my parent's heavy duty steam cleaner before Bunny's blessing and I remembered how much I love it.  I actually felt like my house was clean (for about 2 days). They are a major investment, but I'm thinking in my life with boys it might have to get priority.

And... that is all.  Pardon the negative bits; Carry on.

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