Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bunny Fix


At least a dozen people have told me I seem to be having lots of fun mothering a girl.  I concede, I wasn't sure I'd ever get to do it and I'm trying to live it up,  it may be my only go at it.

She 's been singing to me all morning. Love her to the moon. #vscocam

But it's not just me that enjoys our baby Bunny.  She is a charmer.  She's quick to smile and has a wimpy cry.  Her brothers all adore her and will trip over themselves to make her happy.

Feb 2013

The wild post-sleep hair is still an issue, but she's a good sport about combing the mess out.  I suspect we shall be investing in a detangling brush soon.

And so it begins. #thumbsucker

And this - despite some people's opinions I am pretty sure the thumb sucking was inevitable.  She's been gnawing at her fists every chance she's had since birth.

No hair bow + blue roses & lace = 3 comments on what a cute boy she is. #cannotwin #babiesinpublic #vscocam

More than once I have broken into song telling her "You light up my life...." because she totally does.  And she doesn't even mind my singing.  That's impressive.

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