Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Plans for my Settee

My living room is an odd-shaped one.  The bay window is not at all centered with the useable portion of the room, and there are no normal sized walls to work within.  And so finding a way to situate furniture to invoke comfortable conversation became a challenge.  After trying a number of arrangement with one sofa and two chairs, I finally decided what the room needed was a settee.  Something large enough to seat two people, but a petite enough piece of furniture that it didn't have the bulk or weight of another sofa or a loveseat.   Luckily I found and picked one up before our Bunny was born.  And luckily I had one piece of furniture in the living room I could sit on with a puke-prone baby without worrying too much.


But now that her spit-face days are numbered, I'm feeling ready to get the settee refinished.  I (naturally and predictably) fell in love with Jenny Komenda's new sofa:

And I immediately set to work tracking down sufficient yardage of a similar seafoam upholstery velvet. Now I just need to decide what to do the trim in.  A self-welt is always safest, but I'm leaning toward something with more contrast, especially since I'll be getting rid of the tufting.   I'm thinking the emerald/peacock color would be awesome, bold, and still pretty versatile.

Settee trim options #vscocam

I'm also having my upholsterer get rid of the caning and upholster the sides.  I actually like the look of the caning, but I don't trust it to hold up to my boys.  I've already seen that they're prone to picking at it.

The last thing I need to decide before I send it off for its makeover is whether to paint or stain the wood.   I'm not sure what I'd paint it, but I'm starting to feel like there's an overdose of stained wood in the room.

I'm so glad to be making decisions that matter so little.  But hey, despite their inherent frivolity, this kind of scheming sure makes for a happier me.

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