Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Guess what's in the mail, headed my way?  Lame as it may sound to you, I'm excited to have everything I need to grow my own micro greens and sprouts.  Seeds, planters, kits... bring it.

The reason I'm excited?  Besides all the nutritional reasons, I always fall in love with how Aran Goyoaga uses microgreens to style her food photography.  I like to be fancy.  And her work is so pretty it makes me think that sprinkling my food with micro greens will be akin to sprinkling it with fairy dust.

image via

There was a story in Martha Stewart Living recently that made growing my own seem so doable, that I just had to give it a try.  The stakes are really super-small.  And I have the perfect sunny windowsill in my kitchen.

image via

image via

I found this windowsill planter from West Elm that's the perfect size for my windowsill.  Two of these should transform the window above the kitchen sink into a little garden of micro mini cute.

image via

And so I continue to fight the winter doldrums by pretending it's spring.  Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring.........

If, perchance, my ambitions come to fruition and I find myself with actual mini-greenery adorning my windowsill, it will certainly appear in my instagram feed.

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