Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh.... Captain.

If you have six minutes to spare you could watch this interview with our Captain:

Which would reveal a few things.

I needed more depth of field, sorry about the fuzzy bits.

He is a quintessential second child.

We love Mo Willems at our house.

His speech is coming along swimmingly, though you can tell he still struggles with his L's, R's, and with a number of vowel errors.

He has a really weird sense of body position.  I finally have the name for that symptom.  And I am taking it and packing myself up to go back to square one with Special Ed and the school district.  Thanks to Ms Tracy, I feel like I'm getting closer to solving the mystery that is our Captain.  Hooray for prospective answers!

Also - this kid is adorable, and I just eat him up.

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