Monday, March 25, 2013

as for my passive aggressive posting habits

I have a very good reason for disappearing lately.  I have been uncomfortably busy trying to pull off large and intimidating things.  If things go well, which they very well might, I'll be able to let you in on it soon.

But while I've been even more on my toes than usual, life has kept on. And regretfully life has not included pulling out the "real" camera.  Every one of these is an instagram.  Sigh, and soldier on.

Bunny continues to catch my heart in my chest several times every day.  Almost 5 months old and I'm still pinching myself every single day that I have a daughter and that she is a delight.

Sometimes she makes all my mom hormones fire off at once. #willeatyouupiloveyouso #vscocam

Envisioning Bunny with pigtails.

Stuck in the bumbo while mom does the dishes. She's singing her "look at me !" Song

Her cheeks are evolving in the most scrumptious way. #afterglow #vscocam #vscocam_kids

The boys, collectively, have their own brand of delight.  It's a bit harder for me to stay on board with in a moment-to-moment way, but they still regularly make me happy with their particular quirks.

Another pre-church goose.  #afterglow

Lots of brotherly affection in the form of tackling and wrestling today. #afterglow #vscocam #vscocam_kids

Well that's a fun surprise. Every vehicular toy they own, by color. #butwhoeollcleanitup ?#vscocam

And, in an effort to make his mother feel old, Sir O has been losing teeth about as rampantly as I've been losing my post-partum hair.

And another tooth bites the dust. #herecometheawkwardyears#vscocam_kids #afterlight

As a sort of parenting bonus - Sir O has a mortal fear of the tooth fairy.  So she doesn't visit at our house.  We just ceremoniously pack teeth up in a pouch I bought on etsy, and call it good.

In other news - my settee made the rounds and came back to me - not as I'd envisioned (or instructed), but still a nice little addition to the front room. There is apparently a quota of irony I must meet regarding my expectations every month or so.  This catches me up.

The upholster totally spaced on the contrast welt I asked for, but I'm getting a lumbar pillow made out of the other fabric instead. You win some, you lose some.

My baby sister brought the world to tears with her thoughtful portrayal of Mary, as the lead in A Family Portrait, a suppositional story about the family of Christ.  I am so proud of this girl.

rebecca play

And, my little brother got married this past weekend.  I shopped the cooler and pulled together a bouquet for them the day before.  Koch roses, spray roses, waxflower, and stock, with salal and some myrtle. After a really brutal year, we are all rooting for him to have some happy days ahead.

Shaping up. #vscocam #afterlight

Holly:"You got it in my nose!"

That accounts for some of what we've been up to.  Just add cleaning the bathroom, preparing meals nobody wants to eat, doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen floor an infinite number of times (each) and you've got a pretty good picture of my present tense.

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