Monday, April 08, 2013

buckled in for the long haul

Accomplishing the things I've set out to do is requiring a significant ramp-up in my self discipline.  Spare moments are turned into GRE study parties, meal planning fetes, and laundry dervishes.

Carving out sacred times for things that will matter more than a month from now is hard. There are always several people expecting my full attention, every waking drop of it. Developing boundaries, owning them and sticking to them, it's a hard process to master with one's own spouse and children.

But like all hard things, it can be done with tenacity and focus and a little crazy passion.

So see?  Here I am writing a few sentences strung together despite the utter barrage of needy people demanding my attention this.very.second.

Think I can ascend from a few sentences into grad school level papers by September?  Or am I doomed to do all my work after midnight and to watch my body age 10 years in 2 years time?

Who knows?

In the meantime, I'm studying and studying and studying.  I'm actually reasonably optimistic about this test, but still want to do my due diligence in preparation.  This book, Cracking the GRE, is the best thing anyone has recommended so far.  It actually outlines strategies for maximizing your performance, rather than just giving you practice questions.  (Though it does those too).

My nose is in it most moments I can steal away from these crazy people:

  She and I are realizing that spring break might just kill us.






"Thanks for lunch," she says. "My pleasure," is all I could possibly reply. #canshestaylikethisforever #vscocam #vscocam_kids #afterlight

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