Friday, April 19, 2013

crazy cakes

That must have been tasty.

This child - wow.

If anyone needs a laugh, this is the direction to head.  If Sir O has an oversized cantankerous personality, then our Gentleman has an oversized sanguine one.  He always has his head up, his ears perked, and he doesn't miss a trick.  He still thinks using verbal language is unneccessary, he communicates so well without it, but he's figuring out that if he gives it a go anyway, we are quick to reward his efforts.  And everything he says starts with "Maaaaaeeeehh".


I cannot lie, it's both funny and cute.  As is his insistence on doing summersaults and teaching himself to pedal our tricycle.  He's not about to get left behind by his brothers in anything.

But he still breaks into alligator tears over the slightest implication he's been naughty.  (Though he is naughty, and fairly often.)  And he wants to say every prayer, every time, with different helpers.  He closes his eyes, and bows his head and folds his arms, then peeks through his eyelashes and tilts his head back to be able to watch us all while he prays.

This kid knows he's hilarious.  It's dangerous.  He's still got everybody wrapped around his little finger, he doesn't need to stay the youngest for that (he's even Bunny's favorite, I'm fairly certain).  He cries everytime anybody leaves the house without him.  From his dad to his speech teacher.

We're crazy about him, still.

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