Monday, April 22, 2013

Who's driving this zoo train anyway?

Yup, they were like that the whole time. #vscocam #vscocam_kids

 Spring is a welcome diversion, for all it's caprice.  On the less moody days I try to kick all the crazy people outside for a few hours.  (On wintery days Sir O is obsessed with the Super Mario Brothers Super Show.  And, wow.) I play catch-up if Bunny will stay content or asleep for a spell, and I clean like crazy.  I wonder if I get points in the next life for all the prosaic tasks I complete in this life that are instantly undone?

But other than the boys' bathroom I keep things in a state of nearly-under-control and I grasp at a balance of motherly duties and feeling like I ought to be studying for the GRE instead.  Even though everyone concedes that the only thing the GRE actually measures is how well you take the GRE, the scope of it makes me panic.

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