Wednesday, May 08, 2013


I'm not very good at capturing my thoughts lately.  I have them in droves, but life always distracts me "before my pen has gleaned my teeming brain," and by "life" I mean the four children, one husband, and one house that do not function without my assistance.

Not sure how she feels about this thing they call grass. #welovebunny #vscocam #vscocam_kids #afterlight

I've been in need of a pep talk lately, and no-such thing has been surfacing on its own.  Doesn't take much digging to find pep talks for mothers in May though.  Still, this Spring has consisted primarily of disillusionment, with the bright and shiny exception of being accepted to the Grad school program I applied to.  It's a provisional acceptance; I still have to take the GRE in a few weeks.  Spending every spare moment either studying for it or feeling guilty that I'm not studying for it is getting old fast. Let's get on with life, shall we?

Sir O and the Captain are about to begin Summer break, and I'm trying to envision/prepare a new routine for us.  Preferably one that does not involve endless hours of screen time.  I'm refusing to be overwhelmed though very little besides my own obstinance seems to be on my side there.
Mr Renn will be working a lot, and the budget for summer activities is.... well there isn't one.

Let the sunburns commence.

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