Wednesday, May 29, 2013

mini graduates

A few weeks ago we had a really fun and rather silly day in which Sir O had a kindergarten graduation ceremony and the Captain had the same for preschool and it was all a riot to watch.



And while my kids were making us laugh with accidental antics and silly songs, I was a little bit wistful inside.  My kids are still little and rather malleable, but their childhoods are rolling right along.  It's a brief but definitive ride, being a kid.  And as a mother the days are long, but the years skip right along.  I'm realizing that even though  I'm in this young-mother jungle for a while yet, I am not in it forever.

So I've got to remember to enjoy the good stuff, like this:


And even those moments when my child disappears in the middle of the performance for a potty break (small face palm).

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