Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let me entertain you

You know what is magical?  Free babysitting.

It's also mystical and scarce. Trickier to come by than a leprechaun.  Says me.

So, I am not above recognizing this recent conglomeration of circumstances for the miracle that it has been.

Some neighborhood preteen girls decided that they love to dance so much that running a (free) dance camp for all the neighborhood short people was a good idea. (?!?!) For 2 hours a day for an entire week I got to drop off ALL of my boys for 2 hours and then pick them up happier and more tired-out than I'd left them.  It was awesome.


The cherry on top was the "recital" at the end of the week.  Just try to imagine the scope of this project and the end result is pretty impressive.  Way to choreograph, girls.

And coincidentally, watching our gentleman "dance" is one of my favorite small pleasures in life.  Luckily the kid busts out bouncing anytime he hears anything remotely musical.


This has definitely been one of my favorite tender mercies of the summer.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

2 pretty kids dancing!!Kids get to take a spin on the dance floor. Wow!!

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