Monday, August 19, 2013

Captain Courageous


This kid cracks us up.  There is no adult alive who would not be endlessly amused by the workings of his little man mind.


The other night he came into my room chewing a mouthful of gum.  Without reserve he told me he had sneaked into his brother's candy (a gift-bag from a birthday party).  I told him he'd better hope that Sir O didn't notice or else he'd be upset.  To which the Captain replies.  "OK, but if he does get mad, will you help me to not get hurt?"


I think he's got very little guile in him, although he does snap when provoked or frustrated.  And he can be naughty, but always transparently so.  If you can step back far enough from the thick of things you will always be amused by the bubble of his little reality.  He negotiates the world pretty well, and he figures out things with a fair amount of nuance, but the peculiarities of his focus are what makes him so unique.  He'll get hung up on earlobes and belly buttons and what is made of plastic and holding ice cubes in his hand until they melt, and meticulously taking apart whatever his brother last built out of legos (imagine the altercations).

He is phenomenally sweet; even when he's his angriest there is still something sweet in him.  I keep praying that it never goes away, it is what makes him most likeable, and with all of his quirks he shall need to be as liked as possible.  If we can just harness his little punching fits of rage when he's been outmatched he may manage to grow up with friends.

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