Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Our gentleman loves to say prayers, and every day they've been becoming slightly more intelligible, if glib.   He negotiates the tricky territory of his brothers' quirks and hangups admirably, though he does tend to take advantage of the Captain's weaknesses which often pits those two against each other.

He watches and self-teaches like crazy.  He may  just be my most teachable child, we shall see.  So far he is certainly the most compliant.  This is the kid who will actually do what he is asked to do more often than not.  (The first or second time he's asked!) It's quite the experience, to have one of those.  The down side of this is how tender he is when he does get in trouble.  It doesn't take much reprimand to have his just fall apart in alligator tears.  He's always been that way.  I remember making fun of the way his bottom lip quivers and squares up when he's crying, and that was when he was not much older than Bunny.

I'm regularly thankful that he came to us with such an amenable disposition.  While nobody's perfect, he's a good little man.  And he's funny as all get-out.  But whereas our Captain is funny unintentionally, our gentleman is solidly aware of when he's being funny.  He milks it for all it's worth.  I'm kind of ga-ga over the way he competes for positive attention.  It's so obvious and so likeable.  Plus he really is a funny little ham.  I see lots of laughter in his future.

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