Monday, August 12, 2013

somebody slow her down


Bunny has been racing toward some finish line with growing up lately.  Within 3 weeks she has sprouted at least 4 new teeth, learned to crawl, and developed an insatiable appetite for being spoon fed.  She's like an entirely new, wigglier baby sprouted from the chrysalis of the mellow, low-maintenance one I had a month ago.


She is, luckily, still happier than not.  Although separation anxiety has reared it's annoying little head.  Such an unbecoming, if nearly universal, baby trait.  Only people who put in their hours get to be in her circle of trust.  It's a pretty small circle.  But even if she doesn't want to be held by other adults she is perfectly willing to be charming with them from arms length.


She is oh, so healthy.  Her squishiness leads to some swooning, and certainly keeps her fan club peopled.  I'm still getting used to the difference teeth are making in her visage.  I don't think I was ready for them.  I certainly could have done without the steady stream of snot they caused.


She seems to be losing her touch for perfect sleeping habits, which makes me weep.  She is still remarkably social compared to her brothers.  Sir O has always been more anti-social than anything.  The other two boys seemed much more socially aware by comparison, but none of them can touch the way Bunny thrives on and seeks after eye contact, recognition, and positive responses.  If she were capable she'd do cartwheels just to make someone else smile. It's impossibly endearing.

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