Friday, August 09, 2013


I finally bit the bullet and am attempting to slip an Adobe Illustrator class under my belt before I start school in September.  (Mostly because I know I won't have time for any such shenanigans for the duration of my Grad program).  It's a four week class through Nicole's Classes, taught by Alma Loveland and I'm just eating it up.  It's beyond delightful to be able to create something that stays created when you have four tiny embodied entropies cycloning around your ankles all the time (sweet and beloved as they may be).  I cannot overstate how vital it is to my well-being to have some such creation going on.  (Nor, conversely, how destructive to my well-being the relentless, thankless entropy can be.  Counterattacks are appropriate).

So this, this is good.  My 1st week homework was to create a typography poster.  I created 3, because it's addictive.  They are nowhere near where I'd want them to be, but since I'm still learning what tools I have in my belt and how to use them, I'm going to be kind to myself and say it's a decent 1st attempt.

This is from the novel Housekeeping, which I just finished.  It is devastating and hypnotic.  Lots of tremendously deep thoughts, but not a terribly redemptive piece, all told.  

I love just about anything that flows from Brian Doyle's mouth or pen.  

From A Blog about Love, which is consistently outstanding.  And which everybody ought to enlighten themselves with. 

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