Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mini Vacation - Heber

IMG_3797Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump

On the other end of Mr Renn's week off, we overnighted in Heber.  My boys think staying in a hotel is some sort of Xanadu.  Bunny, on the other hand, takes to sleeping away from her own bed like a rabbit in a den of foxes.  Rough night for me.

IMG_3815Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump
But the unequivocal highlight was the family-night special on the Heber Creeper.  The Captain calls it "the party train" because there was karaoke and live musicians.  He's still singing his own version of YMCA - it goes something like "Y-it-C-it....."  We love it.

IMG_3824Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump

IMG_3822Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump

IMG_3817Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump

IMG_3825Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump

Boys + Trains, there's something kismet there.

IMG_3868Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump

IMG_3877Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump

IMG_3859Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump

IMG_3784Sept_Oct 2013demilleoversizedcameradump


...life, the way of the hummingbird said...

from the appearance of it, it was a lovely trip ... love the pic of the captain smiling, Bunny with your stripy shirt in the background, the gentleman looking out the window ... oh ya, Oliver's fish shirt rocks! meant to tell you too, that a friend of mine just had her 3rd boy and named him Graham Oliver =), thought that was a fun coincidence - she is right on board with your name choices =)

btw - i haven't had a comment on my post for over a year! the last time someone commented was the post at Kirra's birth, so don't feel bad. i am basically under the assumption that other than my parents and mark, no one else even reads my blog. yours however, is far more fun to read than mine.

hope most, or at least all the important ones of your juggling balls stay up in the air ;)

love you!

K-Krew said...

Sounds like a fun trip for your boys. These are beautiful shots! It makes me want a DSLR even more.

But then again, maybe not as the boys just broke our little point-n-shoot last week. Hope that wasn't too much of a mommy-jacking comment.

Good luck with the juggling. You can do it!

Unknown said...

You are really making wonderful moments in your journey. Thanks so much for letting see your family grow. You inspire me to try harder and gain more knowledge, love ya tons xoxoxoxo

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